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The Full Story


Meet the Grill Master

My name is Lee Ratliff and I'm the owner of Soul Que. I gained a passion for grilling in 2014 and after years of perfecting my craft, In 2020,  I decided to open a mobile food truck in Chattanooga. Soul Que is a family-operated business that specializes in Barbeque & Event Catering.  We smoke all of our meat low & slow resulting in a delicious southern-style taste.  The preparation time dedicated to slow smoking our meats along with the special ingredients used is what separates us from the others. When I am not cooking or working, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling. What I love most about entrepreneurship is the satisfaction of knowing that I have built a successful business from scratch for my family and me. 


I always put my heart and soul into cooking so it was a must that we named the business "Soul Que".  When customers try our food, our goal is for them to feel satisfied with their decision to support us and for their taste buds to boast with excitement from the delicious taste of Soul Que! Also, it's rewarding to have the opportunity to inspire other people around me.  Remaining humble and maintaining integrity is what matters most to me when it comes to my business.  We are genuinely thankful and appreciative of all of our supporters whom we like to call "The Soul Que Family". Book our catering services for your next event!

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